8 oz. WheelWax - The Ultimate Protection for Your Wheels

    8 oz. WheelWax - The Ultimate Protection for Your Wheels

    Price: $14.95


    FINALLY! This is the real deal. WheelWax™ cleans, shines and seals your wheels -- all in 1 EASY STEP.

    WheelWax™ is safe for all factory and aftermarket wheels whether they are chrome, painted, anodized, polished aluminum or clear coated.

    The secret is WheelWax™ is actually a polymer and contains no wax which would melt and cause wheels to attract more brake dust. The formula for WheelWax™ contains an antistatic element that changes the surface polarity of the wheels to repel brake dust particles.

    Research has shown that brake dust is a negatively charged particle. The surface of the wheel has been shown to pick up a positive charge from wind rushing over the surface of the wheel.

    The antistatic element in the WheelWax™ keeps the wheel surface charged negatively. This breaks up the magnetic effect.

    When you use only WheelWax™ to clean your wheels, you will notice your wheels stay cleaner, longer over time.

    WheelWax™ can be used on any metal appearance pieces including chrome, aluminum, stainless steel and much, much more.

    Shining your trim is so much easier because any WheelWax™ that you get on your paint will not leave a greasy spot. Instead, WheelWax™ creates a protective coating that you just let dry and wipe off when you buff your trim.

    To Apply WheelWax™ -- Rinse dirt off all wheels and apply WheelWax™ to the cool metal surface. Let it dry to a haze, then buff to a high shine. The special chemical formula in WheelWax™ lifts brake dust and other dirt off your wheels and onto your rag. You will be amazed by the shine of your own wheels!!

    Do not apply WheelWax™ in direct sunlight or if wheels are hot to the touch. For maximum shine, after waxing and buffing, lightly spray cool clean water onto the wheel surface and dry with clean soft towel.

    PROTECT YOUR WHEELS THIS WINTER WITH WheelWax™ -- The Ultimate Protection For Your Wheels.

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